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Ganre: Malaysia, Talk, Astro Radio
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Hitz FM is a Malaysian national radio station managed by Astro Radio, a subsidiary of Astro Holdings Sdn Bhd. hitz fm is Malaysia's leading English-language station[1] with 1.9 million listeners.

As of January 2014, the radio station has reverted its name from hitz.fm to hitz fm .

he street team for hitz fm are the hitz fm Cruisers (Cruisers in short). Their duty is to meet fans of the station and give away free gifts courtesy of hitz fm.

hitz fm has a sister station which is a music TV channel called Astro hitz, formerly known as Astro Hitz.TV on Astro.

Every weekday in the morning, the Morning Crew would play a Got'Cha call. This prank involves the Morning Crew calling up Malaysians and pranking them on the request of the victim's family, friends or colleagues.

More recently, the Morning Crew has introduced a new machine, patented the Lie Detector Test which involves the user being strapped onto the seat and asked Yes or No questions. The test would either show true, false, or unreadable. Malaysians can request to try out the Lie Detector Test and would have to swing by the headquarters to do so.
HITZ FM was launched into Malaysian FM airwaves in January 1997 after being one of Astro's audio-only channels since the launch of the satellite network in October the year before.

In 2000, the Malaysian Top 10 (later renamed Malaysian English Top 10) was introduced, airing every Sundays at 4pm to bring the limelight into local Malaysian music which would suit the tastes of hitz fm's listeners, especially indie acts.

In April 2001, HITZ FM was rebranded as hitz.fm (with a dot) as an emphasis of its significant Internet presence for its listeners rather than just being a radio station, providing online facilities like webcasts of their announcers in action as well as radio streaming and was rebranded again to hitz fm on year 2014 , without the dot .

In August 2003, a rift between Li'l Kev and the management of AMP over the contract between them caused him and FlyGuy to leave hitz fm abruptly. Jason Lo and Rudy Sufian were called up to fill in their places and eventually became the new Morning Crew. (Later, Lo switched time slots with JJ Fernandez for the drive-home slot). Later in the same year, HITZ.TV was launched as a complement to the radio channel.

In 2005, the hitz fm Malaysian English Top 10 Awards was introduced to honour the best of Malaysian English-singing musical talent and compositions. Two such events have held thus far.

In 2008,Rudy announced his decision to give up his morning show.Rudy confessed to having problems getting up in the mornings and needed to change his work pattern.With the new schedule(The new hitz fm morning crew), JJ now has a new co-partner Tengku Mohd Ean Nasrun, better known as Ean.

In September 2010,Airtime Management and Programming (AMP) is launching three of its radio channels in East Malaysia. ERA, MY FM & hitz fm will run from the hearts of Kuching beginning 25 October 2010 and Kota Kinabalu beginning 1 December 2010.
Klang Valley 92.9 MHz
Seremban 95.0 MHz
Malacca 93.0 MHz
Johor Bahru, and Singapore 97.6 MHz
Ipoh 92.7 MHz
Alor Setar, Penang 92.8 MHz
Taiping 93.6 MHz
Langkawi 92.4 MHz
Kota Bharu 92.8 MHz
Kuala Terengganu, Marang and Hulu Terengganu 94.8 MHz
Kuantan,and South Kemaman 93.2 MHz
Kuching 95.3 MHz
Miri, and Brunei 105.8 MHz
Kota Kinabalu 100.8 MHz
Sandakan 99.8 MHz